Guidance Notes for domestic level OPDs and NGOs

The world, including your country, is facing enormous challenges caused by COVID-19. To support the global understanding of consequences of these challenges on persons with disabilities, this Initiative seeks to gather information on what measures States are taking with respect to protecting the rights of persons with disabilities.

We are glad that you/your organisation has accepted to be a partner in this initiative aiming to ensure that inherent dignity of persons with disabilities is respected worldwide even during this pandemic.

Below, you can find some important information and suggestions about how you can contribute to this initiative in an effective way. It does not mean, however, that you cannot work out your own ideas and make your own advocacy steps. We encourage you to do so and share them with us.

Please send the link to the survey (, with a cover letter, to the following stakeholders:

  • Ministries responsible for health care, social affairs, education, justice
  • National Human Rights Institutions (Office of the Ombudsperson)
  • National Preventive Mechanism (under the UN Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture – OPCAT)
  • National Monitoring Mechanism under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – CRPD Article 33(2))

Download a cover letter in your language:

If you have time and capacity, please send the link to the survey (, with a cover letter, to the following actors:

  • Persons with disabilities
  • Organisations of Persons with Disabilities at national, federal, regional and local levels
  • Prime Minister’s office
  • Relevant departments within ministries responsible for health care, social affairs, education, justice
  • Government authorities responsible for health care, social affairs, education, justice
  • State and private-run institutions where persons with disabilities are staying/living, including:
    • social care institutions
    • group homes
    • children’s institutions
    • boarding schools
    • psychiatric health care institutions
    • forensic psychiatric settings
    • homes for older persons
    • shelters for homeless people
  • Equality bodies
  • Focal points within government for matters relating to the implementation of the CRPD (CRPD Article 33(1))
  • Coordination mechanism within government to facilitate implementation of the CRPD in different sectors and at different levels (CRPD Article 33(1))
  • National Disability Council
  • Non-Governmental Organisations active in the field of disability policy at national, federal, regional and local levels.

Please put in the subject line: Persons with Disabilities in COVID-19 pandemic

Please copy in the emails you send out. It will help us to collect data on how many surveys have been sent out per country and in total.

Please note the following:

  • The scope of this survey is limited both (i) to focus on a specific group of people (persons with disabilities), and (ii) timely, since it aims to look at the consequences of COVID-19 and state measures being implemented on persons with disabilities.
  • This is not scientific research.
  • The survey is currently available at in the following languages: Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, and will soon be available in German. More languages will be added gradually.
  • Please contribute to the results of this initiative by completing the survey yourself.

We thank you for all your efforts. Please share any additional information, advice or thoughts directly with us, and should you have any questions about the survey or the COVID-19 Disability Rights Monitor initiative, please contact in English, French or Spanish our colleagues on